Activities - Boating

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Bayshore Boating group - arranges outings for all watercraft.
We have motorboats, a few sailboats, pontoon boats, kayakers and even stand-up paddlers in action. Often boaters of all stripes will gather at some predefined location and socialize. These events definitely makes one appreciate all that Bayshore has to offer as a waterfront community.

Power Boats - Dave Renaud - Contact Dave
Kayaking Info - Click Here
Yachting - Click here
Boater Rescue Click here

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Emergency Boater Assist Directory (PDF File is downloaded)

Stranded at sea, call one of these people for assistance. Clicking the above blue "Emergency boater assistance directory" link will download a file to your default device location. The file contains a list of people and their phone numbers who are prepared to come out and help you.