About Us - Governance

The Bayshore Village Association, a not-for-profit corporation that is governed by an elected pro-active volunteer Board of Directors which represents the interests of Bayshore Members and maintains the common assets.

Association members are welcome to attend all meetings of the board, as well as town hall meetings and two yearly General Meetings, at one of which the Association’s budget is set for the coming year.

Bayshore Village's Board of Directors meets in the Great Room at the Hayloft community centre and Directors can join via WebEx if they are travelling.

Association members embrace and abide by a set of community guidelines and by-laws, including architectural requirements, that respect their property, their neighbours' properties, and the environment – all designed to protect, preserve and enhance the vision of Bayshore Village as a unique waterfront community.

Association members pay a modest annual fee that supports the maintenance of all common lands, golf course and harbour upkeep, Hayloft maintenance and repairs, swimming pool care, tennis course preparation, storage yard and more. Boat slips are available for a reasonable fee.