Celebrating BVA Volunteers

Volunteer Day Happy Hour Sept 21, 2018 4-6pm - If you volunteer in Bayshore and would like to attend a thank you Happy Hour on the 21St September please sign at Hayloft.

July 2018: On behalf of Bayshore Members, the Board of Directors wishes to thank George Miller, Kathy and Brian Hutchinson, and Assistant Pond Master, Jim Fielding for their hard work and efforts to keep our Aquatic Plant Growth at acceptable levels.
George sprayed cattails on Golf Pond Thursday night to prevent aerator damage and Brian and Kathy Hutchinson provided their boat and worked all day to complete weed spraying at Harbours 33, 66, and 99, and Vicars, Beaver, and Duck ponds.

Common Waters Volunteers go above and beyond to keep Bayshore beautiful.

These volunteers working on our behalf are: Brian Hutchinson
Keith Meadows Glenn Lucas Jim Fielding
Guy Montemurro Randy Sinotte Wayne Perzel Joe Sokolowski George Miller Ian Mead

Electrical Team: Maurice Cook, Bill Pike
Aquatic Plant Specialists- Kathy Hutchinson, George Miller Please remember to personally thank these dedicated folks!

May 2018: On behalf of all members of the BVA Board of Directors, I would like to thank everyone who helped clean up our village over the past few days. We had more people turn out than we could count, the weather was great, and the large number of volunteers meant that the work was done in short order. This year was particularly challenging due to the recent storm – many had never seen so many limbs and tree debris!

We had three separate sessions;
1. Sat May 5th was for ditches, parks, islands and Hayloft parking lots
2. Tue May 8th was for the Golf Course
3. Wed May 9th was for the three Marinas

Somehow, as if by magic, we always seemed to have just the right mix of skills and equipment – garden tractors/trailers, rakes, shovels, leaf bags, garbage bags, etc. Its obvious that everyone knew what needed to be done – aren’t we a well oiled “machine”! I saw many people actually enjoying the work and everyone seemed to welcome the opportunity to interact with their neighbours.

Our timing was good in that yard waste pick-up day is this week so that the large number of bags will not clutter up the Village for very long. Fallen limbs and tree debris were collected in staging areas and these will be chipped very soon.

Again, thanks to all those who participated.
Also, thanks to those who started well before these sessions, picking up garbage on your properties, in the ditches and along the road when you are out for walks – making our job that much easier on clean-up days.

Your efforts are much appreciated.
Steve Goulter
Director of Common Lands
Bayshore Village Association
(705) 826 8826

Canadian National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, 2018

Bayshore Village is a wonderful place to live because of the spirit of community among the residents. Primary among our volun- teers are the members who serve on our Board of Directors. Many more of our neighbours also give their time as volunteers to keep Bayshore beautiful and to enhance the amenities that we cherish. In this issue of The Bayshore Banner, we feature the Bayshore volunteers. The project was initiated by Ted and Betty Gryzick, who pulled together the people who are pictured on these pages. They counted 58 volunteers who work on our village gardens alone, and as you will see, there are many more ways to help enhance village life. Please consider being a volunteer in the coming year.

Caring for the gardens at the entrance to the village:

Left to right: Rich Bishop, Lauree Bishop (Coordinator), Marilyn Richardson, Paul Ash, Peggy Powell, Laureen Ash, Doug Pollard, Ralph Moore, Sandra Cherry, Simpson Cherry, Marielle Montemurro, Jeanette Cherry, Scot Cherry.
Missing from the picture: Sally McPherson, Sharon Miller, Wayne Richardson, Lynda Tofflemire.

Photos by Ted Gryzick

Click below for the special Bayshore Banner Autumn 2016 Edition featuring more of our Bayshore Volunteers and say "Hi and Thank you" to a BVA Volunteer Today


Canadian National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, 2018