Events - Intro to Pickleball Mon/Tues May 28/29 1-3 pm

An "Introduction to Pickleball" session will be held at the Bayshore tennis courts on Monday May 28 and Tuesday May 29 from 1 pm - 3 pm.

On Monday, we will concentrate on rules of the game, serving, scoring and safety on the court. On Tuesday, we'll concentrate on various strategies (lobbing, dinking) and sportsmanship.
Non-scuff running shoes are required on the court.

Due to a limited amount of equipment, please register early so we can make arrangements to accommodate everyone.

Alternate times can be arranged, if necessary, for those working or going to school.
To sign up or for more information, contact Randy Hutchison at 705-484-1238 or e-mail at

Hope to see you on the courts.
Randy Hutchison