News - Pools Rules

I’d like to remind the village about the pool rules regarding young people. The rules state that anyone under 16 must be supervised by a Bayshore member over the age of 18. I understand that some public pools allow unsupervised young people as young as 12, but public pools have multiple lifeguards posted for every hour of their operation. This year we have one lifeguard each day for most of the day, but the lifeguard never works past 7 PM and will leave if it is raining and lightning and she doesn’t expect it to let up before she would otherwise leave. The pool is open from 9AM to 9PM every day and the lifeguard is posted from 9AM to 7 PM every day (typically). There will never be supervision for people in the pool after 7 PM.

If you bring your kids to the pool, you should supervise them. At the very least, you should check to see if there is a lifeguard on duty and when she will be leaving. If you choose to leave your kids at the pool unsupervised (against the rules), you will rely on the best efforts of another young person to try to pull your son or daughter out of the pool if an accident was to happen, and assume that they would know to do so. Bayshore has hired lifeguards to ensure the safety of the pool. When they are not on duty , the onus is on the parent to ensure the safety of their children.

Doug Davies
Hayloft Director