News - No Sleds in Ditches

The holiday season is here and we have fresh snow. The perfect thing for the snowmobilers. As in previous winters, some snowmobilers have been riding through the ditches.

Unfortunately, this year we have an unfinished fibre network in the ditches. Junction boxes, fibre and small conduits protrude from the ground, just waiting to be damaged by snow machines. How unfortunate for most of us if this activity damages the work done to date by Bell and results in months of delay as work already completed has to be re-worked. Although we have an agreement with Bell on the cost for the service, I can’t imagine that they will rework damaged fibre and junction boxes without passing the cost on to the Village.

Please stop riding through the ditches in Bayshore. If you see people riding in the ditches please remind them that they are potentially damaging a network that BVA has worked for years to bring to Bayshore, in addition to possible damage to their machines.