Events - BVYC - Wrap-Up Party @ Hayloft

AHOY, Power Boaters, Sailors, Kayakers, Canoers, Boarders, PWCS, & Future Boaters!

Thurs, June 16th BVYC Kick-Off Happy Appie Hour Harbour 99 4-7pm
(Rain Date June 17th)

Fri, July 1st Canada Day Sail Past 2pm
Decorate your Boat, Kayak, PWC, or Paddleboard!

Tuesdays or Thursdays (July & August)
Excursions for all Boaters, Sailors, PWCs & Kayakers
When we see good weather we will call for an outing!
Destinations for our on-water Community include:
- Lagoon City
- McRae Point Provincial Park
- Mara Provincial Park
- Sunset Sail
Alternate destinations for for Boaters, PWCs:
- Orillia
- Carthew Bay
- Chicken Bay
- Thorah Island
Pantoon Boat Raft - organized by Rick Indewey
July 19 - 20 Wet Hogs - PWC Excursion to Glen House Resort
Sept. 23rd BVYC Wrap-Up Party @ Hayloft

**check excursions posted on bulletin board by the mail kiosk