News - Speed Radar Sign Vandalized - this is a criminal Offense

On or about Oct 12/18, the Speed Radar Sign on outbound Bayshore Drive was sabotaged by cutting the wires with side cutters, rendering it inoperative.


The Township of Ramara will charge the person that did this. They know the precise time that the wires were cut. Game cameras in the vicinity are being examined by the police in order to identify the criminal.

If anyone has information about this incidence or knows who did this, please contact the OPP at 1 888 310 1122.

The data from the electronic sign shows that there are a few of us who still exceed the speed limit by a substantial margin. The data will be handed over to the OPP. We should expect that fines will be issued.

The sign is being repaired and will be re-installed soon. It took Bayshore residents and the Association a long time to get the Township of Ramara to purchase and install this sign. They are not pleased that it was deliberately vandalized.

• Show respect for your Neighbours (an accident, injury or death will draw a lot more attention to this issue!)
• Have respect for Township property!
• Keep your eye out for anyone vandalizing
• Lets work together to resolve the speeding problem

Thanks for your co-operation.

Steve Goulter
Director of Common Lands
Bayshore Village Association
705 826 8826