News - New Wireless Bell Internet Service for Bayshore

The service will go live on Monday. Bell plans to offer 25Mb/s download speeds. Receiving the signal requires the installation of a non-penetrating roof-mount antenna and Bell's wireless router/modem indoors.
The service will cost $69.99 per month for 100 GB of downloading or $79.99 per month for 350 GB of downloading.
Bell will offer $20.00 per month off these prices for the first 6 months.
It is also possible to bundle Bell wireless internet with Bell satellite TV for additional savings.
Bell is also just completing the new fibre installation at our storage yard switch which will get us off our dependency on the under water cable currently giving us phone and internet that gets damaged every spring by the ice break up. The cutover from the old cable to the new may cause some brief outages.
Bell will begin actively marketing the new service and these activities may include telemarketing (which many of us ignore), mailings or door-to-door campaigns. Expect to be hearing more from Bell.
Bell's website has some details and a tool to see if your area is included in the service (it is). See