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SWIFT Survey on Internet Satisfaction

RE: SWIFT Internet Usage Survey

On behalf of the Bayshore Village Association, we invite you to participate in a brief web survey on your current internet experience in the Village. This information will be used to help SWIFT gauge the level of need for these services in our community. It will become part of information needed to aid them in their mission to help build “broadband for everyone” in Southwestern Ontario, Caledon and the Niagara Region.

When it comes to broadband Internet, there are considerable disparities in access and capacity between our rural and urban communities. The social and economic value of high-speed connectivity is set to explode over the next ten years, and unless we act now, those disparities will only grow wider and more serious in their implications. Lack of access to the level of communications services deemed to be even minimally acceptable is already depressing our property values. For this reason, Bayshore Village Association has partnered with South Western Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) to collect information about how residents, farms and businesses currently use the Internet. Your participation in this 15-minute survey is completely voluntary and you may opt out of any question in the survey. All of your responses will be kept confidential. They will only be used for statistical purposes and will be reported only in aggregated form. Participants should have their Telecom Service Provider name and contract information at hand.

To complete the survey, please visit

About the SWIFT Initiative

South Western Integrated Fibre Technology Inc. (SWIFT) is a not-for-profit, collective broadband initiative that is funding the construction of an affordable, open-access, ultra-high-speed fibre-optic regional broadband network for everyone in Southwestern Ontario, Caledon and the Niagara Region. To overcome our region’s broadband infrastructure gaps, SWIFT has developed a long-term plan to help more than 3.5 million Ontarians, or 25% of Ontario’s population, to connect and keep pace in a changing digital world. The project is leveraging $180 million in combined investments by the federal and provincial governments and over $17 million in investments by municipalities across the region. SWIFT membership is open to any community or organization that needs connectivity to any of its locations. Members benefit from SWIFT’s significant procurement expertise, including aggregated demand, negotiated rates, and support in preparing RFPs for broadband services. As a buying group, SWIFT also ensures greater competition between telecom service providers which will lead to better services at lower prices in member communities.

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