Events - BVYC Wrap-up Party Oct 18

The BVYC wrapped up the 2018 season with a party at the Hayloft.

Thanks to all our residents who partcipated! Power boaters, sailors, kayakers, sailboarders and our latest graduates of the 2018 sail school all were welcomed by our Commodore Doug McPherson.

As usual, it is a feast in Bayshore and our hors d'oeuvres
spread did not disappoint. Yummy! Thank you for all your contributions.

To John Waldon and Kathi Kerr for assembling our on-water movie flashback of the season. It really was 22 minutes! Fabulous job of photos and videos and of course the music.

Finally, the sea school students received their diplomas! We were entertained by Cap'n Bob and Cap'n Jimmy with a little song about each crew member! Lots of laughs.
Cap'n McPherson presented the certificates and they dug into the Pirate Booty Chest!!! Really!
Not be outdone the students themselves wowed the Captains with their singing expertise about their adventures. Thanks to Cap'n Jim Bruce, Cap'n Bob Bell and Cap'n Doug McPherson!

A great evening! Stay tuned for a BVYC committee meeting in late April to get the 2019 season off and running.
Doug McPherson Commodore
Elaine Ney Secretary/Treasurer